KickingHorse E71T-11 flux core wire 035
KickingHorse E71T-11 flux core wire 035
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KickingHorse® Vac-Pac E71T-11 Flux-core Wire Steel 035, 2 LB Spool

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Brand new original flux-core welding wire:

Specification: AWS E71T-11
Wire diameter: 0.035 inch (0.9mm)
Spool size: 2 pounds 4 inch #2 spool
Polarity: DCEN (straight polarity)
Welding thickness: 16 gauge through 1/2 inch.
Welding position: All positions multi-pass.

 General purpose.
 Wrapped in vacuumed Aluminum foil bag.
∇ No shielding gas required.
 Smooth arc action, low spatter, good bead appearance, easily removable slag.
 Designed for the welding of thin-gauge galvanised and mild steels.
 Maintenance, auto body repair and similar types of welding applications.

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