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MA200TS (UL) Multi Process Welder 220V Input

F130 (UL) Flux Core Welding Inverter, Home 120V

P40 (UL) Shop Grade Plasma Cutter, 220V Input

A220 (UL) High Power Arc Welding Inverter, 220V

A100 (UL) Arc Welding Inverter, Home 120V Input

M185 (UL) MIG Welding Inverter, 220V Input


Hard Core Field Review - KickingHorse® A100, A220, F130

Hard Core Field Review - KickingHorse® P40

Hard Core Field Review - KickingHorse® M185

Open Box - KickingHorse® F130 home flux core welder

Welding a Gear part 1 - KickingHorse® A220

Welding a Gear part 2 - KickingHorse® A220

7018 3/32 Rod Test Drive - KickingHorse® A100

Compare KickingHorse® F130 with Lincoln Power MIG 210MP


How to install Teflon liner for Aluminum MIG welding

How to setup TIG kit for lift-TIG with MA200TS

What to do if difficult to strike arc for flux core or MIG welding

How to cut with non-pilot (HF) start plasma cutter

How to MIG weld Aluminum with regular MIG torch

My new F130 can not start arc? Watch this!


How are modern welding inverters built today