Aluminum MIG wire ER5356 (AWS/CWB) 035, 5LB spool
Aluminum MIG wire ER5356 (AWS/CWB) 035, 5LB spool
Aluminum MIG wire ER5356 (AWS/CWB) 035, 5LB spool
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Aluminum MIG wire ER5356 (AWS/CWB) 035, 5LB spool

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Brand new original Aluminum MIG welding wire manufactured specifically for MIG welding Aluminum alloy used with model:

AWS: ER5356 compliance AWS A5.10.
Wire diameter: 0.035 inch (0.9mm).
Spool size: 5 pounds 8 inch #8 spool.
Polarity: DCEP (reverse polarity).
Shielding gas: 100% argon, argon/helium mixtures.
Welding position: All positions multi-pass.

General purpose when Aluminum alloy service temperatures above 65℃ (150℉) is not required.
Compare with 1 lb spool, large 5 lb spool reduces down time and greatly improves the wire feeding stability, which is crucial for successful aluminum MIG welding.
Optimized and tested for working with KickingHorse® MA200TS wire driving system to provide the best Aluminum welding performance.
Auto body repair, automotive bumpers and supports, structural frames in the shipbuilding Industry, formed truck panels, railing industry, power industry, trailer manufacturing.
CWB, ABS, CE approved.
Made in Canada.

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